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1.1. This Privacy Policy regards GRANSPOT, Inc. collection, usage and sharing of your information when you use our Services; information is gathered through various sources (such as registration, email, applications, website etc.); when using any of GRANSPOT services you agree to the collection, transfer, manipulation, storage, disclosure and other uses of your information as described in this Privacy Policy, irrespective of which country you reside in or supply information from.

1.2. Please take your time to carefully read and understand this document, as it constitutes a legal agreement between you and GRANSPOT. In the next sections, clauses or lines, the expression “GRANSPOT” will refer and will apply to any and everything related to the relevant website, platform, mobile application and its related services, products etc.

1.3. If you or anyone need to contact GRANSPOT, please use the following email:

1.4. Any use of or participation in this website, platform, mobile application and/or related services will constitute acceptance of this agreement. If you do not agree to abide by the above, please do not use this website, platform, mobile application and its related services – and if you do, lack of agreement allegations won’t be accepted and won’t have any legal value.

1.5. By accessing, registering and/or using this website, platform, mobile applications and/or services, you freely and automatically accept and agree to be bound by the terms of this document. When using this website’s or platform’s particular services, you shall be subject to any posted guidelines or rules applicable to such services, which may be posted and modified from time to time. Such guidelines or rules are listed on this document, which will be updated if modified, and will always be accessible by the User.

1.6. Supplemental documents or rules, which will constitute part of this Privacy Policy, may apply to certain GRANSPOT’s services or products (such as policies for a particular functionality, program, promotion etc.) and consent will be required prior to its launch. Supplemental terms shall prevail over this Privacy Policy in the event of a conflict, confusion or ambiguity when reading the documents.

1.7. This Privacy Policy may be amended or updated from time to time and the newer terms will be effective upon the publication of the document or an specific date set by GRANSPOT, and you will be granted prior access to it. In any case, you agree to only continue accessing and/or using GRANSPOT after such updates if you actually consent with the new terms – and, if you don’t, you must stop any kind of use or access to GRANSPOT before the updated version is effective.


2.1. By using GRANSPOT, you will be able of posting content (such as text, audio, image and video) which will be made worldwide publicly accessible to other users and third-parties; You agree to only publish content that you wish to make public; You solely take all responsibility related to that decision and you recognize that your actions might damage third-party rights, while GRANSPOT will not be held accountable for user actions.

2.2. By using GRANSPOT, other users will be able of posting content (such as text, audio, image and video) related to you or having you as a subject; that content will be made worldwide publicly accessible to other users and third-parties; You agree to the consequences and risks to your privacy that using GRANSPOT might create; You solely take all responsibility related to that decision and you recognize that third-party’s actions might damage your rights, while GRANSPOT will not be held accountable for user actions.


3.1. While you interact with GRANSPOT services, we collect the information that you choose to share with us: when you create or reconfigure your account, you provide personal information, such as your complete name, username, password, email address, cellular phone number and birth date; when using GRANSPOT, you may also be required to provide us or be given the option of providing with additional information which might be listed publicly (such as biography, location, website, pictures, videos etc.). Some of this information will be listed publicly on GRANSPOT, while personally identifiable information might be disclosed to authorities or third-parties affected by user actions.

3.2. While using GRANSPOT’s services (including applications, website, email etc.), other information might also be automatically collected through your smartphone or other device, cookies, log data, widget data, user preferences, user actions etc; we also collect information about your activity while using GRANSPOT, which services you have used and how you have used them, information from and about the devices you use, access times, pages viewed, IP address etc.

3.3. You also provide us whatever information is sent through GRANSPOT services, including content you choose to send to other users. Be advised that the content you choose to publish, send to other or to third-parties can always be saved by the receiver outside the services. You are aware of the privacy risks involved in internet, so, only publish or send content that you agree someone could save or share without serious consequences or damages.


4.1. You consent that by authorizing a third-party web client or application to access your account, your information will be shared or disclosed at your direction.

4.2. The information we collect will be used as to:

4.2.1. Improve the experience of our users and improve GRANSPOT’s product, as well as develop, operate, improve, deliver, maintain, and protect our products and services, enhancing the quality, the safety and the security of our products and services;

4.2.2. Monitor and analyze usage and trends, as well as personalize services, suggest friends, customize content and ads etc.;

4.2.3. Send you communications, share information about our products and services, send promotional offers that may interest you;

4.2.4. Respond support inquiries and help with answers about product or services;

4.2.5. Provide and improve ad targeting and measurement;

4.2.6. Enforce our Terms of Service and other usage policies, verify your identity, prevent fraud or other unauthorized or illegal activity, provide information to authorities or to victims of fraud or damages related to user activities, content or actions;